Explaining Bernie Sanders

Hey gang. As promised I spent last week working on my piece on Bernie Sanders and his attempt to win the nomination for the Democratic party. Its a bit long and a little specialized in that it assumes you know a decent amount about US politics. Just to contextualize it a little bit the main thing is that his campaign was utterly improbable. To put it in terms soccer fans would understand, his odds were probably longer than Leicester City’s chances to win the Premier League. Hillary Clinton is the former first lady, US Senator and Foreign Minister (Secretary of State) who has been at the top of the Democratic Party for the last 25 years. Bernie is a total outsider who has been way to the left of the mainstream Democrats on issues such as war, social welfare and the big banks. The main point I am trying to make in this article is that if the people who supported him want to see a real left-wing politics take shape in America, they are going to have to do it outside of the Democratic Party.

You kind find my piece on the Overland website here.

A quick word on the title “Weekend at Bernie’s”. I didn’t choose it. Perhaps its a bit of an obvious choice but Weekend at Bernie’s was 1980s movie about two guys whose boss dies but they pretend he’s alive in order to meet women or something? I forget the plot. Anyway here is the trailer to the film.



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